Mapping & Surveying

By conducting a drone survey, we acquire high resolution aerial images that are processed using advanced photogrammetry software to generate Orthomosaic Maps, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Contour Lines, and 3D Models of a site.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Our Drone Surveys?

  • We conduct aerial surveys at altitudes between ground level and 400ft., filling the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes.

  • Aerial surveys and mapping from UAVs offer levels of accuracy, detail and scale never before possible and all for a fraction of the cost.

  • Within the construction environment, economical data captured using UAV scans can be an essential verification tool, as it is a quick and effective way of checking the real world against design plans.

  • UAVs offer easier access to remote locations and ultimately keep personnel out of harm's way.

  • Drones are not meant to eliminate traditional surveying methods, but serve as an additional tool in capturing these data types.

Monitoring Construction Site Progress

  • No More Surprises - By overlaying imagery collected from the drone with the original design, mistakes can be spotted before they become costly to fix.

  • Better Client Relationships - Whether your client is especially curious or managing your project remotely, a picture is worth a thousand phone calls. Share daily or weekly project status with drone imagery.

  • Manage Subcontractors with Facts - Subcontractor progress is generally verified with a visual review and sign-off. Superintendents love drone maps because it works within their existing daily process. It is incredibly simple to use, and it provides them with literal job oversight to better manage subcontractors.

Primary Uses:

  • Construction Site Design

  • Monitoring Construction Progress

  • Measure Exact Distances, Area, & Material Volumes