Foley Aerial Services is a leading provider of Aerial Photography in the Gulf South. Our company is equipped with the latest UAV technology for uses in multiple different industries. We specialize in the areas of elevated and confined space inspections, as well as accurately monitoring inventory stockpiles. We put easy-to-use data solutions in the hands of operation managers for quick and deliberate decision-making on both small and large projects. Learn more now

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Why Drones ?


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as “drones”, are small aircrafts piloted by personnel who are not aboard during the craft’s voyage. These intelligent machines allow the pilot to navigate in real time, by streaming live video feed straight to the pilot’s viewing monitor. By utilizing high-quality camera systems, advanced analytics, and digital image processing software, UAVs provide an efficient means to performing tasks that are often deemed impossible or too dangerous to be carried out by personnel, ground-based equipment, or full-sized crafts.

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