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5 Reasons You Should Use Drones For Confined Space Inspections - Improve Safety with Foley Aerial Services

Need confined space access? We now offer confined space inspection services through the use of our collision-tolerant drone, Elios. With features such as a full HD camera, thermal camera, and on-board LED lighting, this makes it perfect for inspecting above ground storage tanks, inside of vessels/barges, or any number of hard to reach spaces. For more information on this or any one of our other services, feel free to contact us at 888.306.2974

Accessing and inspecting the confined spaces in any commercial industry can be challenging. These tasks are usually dangerous, time-consuming and costly. The confined spaces presents dangerous risks like workers safety and exposure to toxic gas and chemicals. Even if the worker can gain access, their space may be limited which can hinder their ability to preform a comprehensive and effective inspection.

To overcome these challenges, companies are hiring Foley Aerial Services for their confined space inspections - drones can effectively and safely inspect confined spaces such as tunnels, pipes, ducts, tanks, chimneysand more.

5 Reasons You Should Use Drones For Confined Space Inspections - Improve Safety with Foley Aerial Services:

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  • Reduced inspection costs

  • Improve Safety

  • Reduced time spent on inspection of the confined space

  • Better maintenance and reduced downtime

  • Ability to collect comprehensive data

5 Unique Ways In Which Drones Are Changing The World - Foley Aerial Services

Already, drones are being used to in uinque ways that go beyond the scope of traditional thought. They are used to deliver medicine to remote areas, monitor crops, inspect electric and gas facilities, for journalism and so many other ways. Drone innovations could benefit the U.S. economy immensely. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) estimates that UAS could contribute over $82 billion to the U.S. economy in the next ten years, given the right regulatory environment. But what does that mean for the immediate future? Here are 5 ways in which drones are changing the world and how we view it, right now:

  • Drones are being tested for product and food delivery - Like Domino’s Pizza and Amazon

  • Journalism is enhanced and supported by drone photography

  • Drones are now inspecting oil rigs and other vital resources

  • The company Matternet is developing a network to transport medication and lab samples via drones in order to save lives

  • Assisting search and rescue teams

Foley Aerial Services is at the forefront of innovation. Our commercial focus on drone services can save time, improve safety, and cut costs for business owners.