Asset Inspections

Our drone inspections enable access to otherwise inaccessible areas and details. This offers owners immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection methods. 

What Are Some Benefits of Using Our Drone Inspections?

  • Rapid mobilization and reduced time of inspection

  • Lowers downtime by allowing the asset to stay in service during inspection

  • Lowers the cost and personnel required to carry out inspections

  • Significantly reduces safety hazards associated with work at elevated heights and tight spaces


  • Infrared Imaging & Heat Detection

  • Confined Space Access

  • 30x Digital Zoom

  • HD Resolution

Type of Inspections We Specialize In:

  • Refinery/Plant Asset

  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel

  • Power Line 

  • Tower

  • Road & Bridge 

  • Roof & Building Inspections

  • Any Routine Safety/Maintenance Inspection

Samples Of Our Work